I hail from the far off land of… Bloomington, Illinois, but I wasn’t born there! My family moved there when I was 8 because my dad was one of those Radio Gypsy-types. Moving from job to job. Yep, I’m following in my dad’s career path, and he couldn’t be more excited! He’s absolutely my biggest fan, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Coffee is the only way I function in the morning. I am more than a little excited that my apartment has a dishwasher. Seriously, hand washing dishes has got to be the 2nd layer of hell. I like sweets a little too much, so to counter it, I just sign up for races. Also, I love medals, so that’s another reason to run. I love the Cubs, Bears, and Blackhawks. Netflix and chill is not a night for me, it’s a lifestyle (except, I chill alone, thank you). I am chronically single. I’m random and goofy and I’d love to meet you.  Radio has gone from a random happenstance part-time job to a passion, and I’m so excited to be a part of your work day from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.


    dolly parton

    Dolly Said Her Husband Wanted to do WHAT with Jennifer Aniston??

    This is HILARIOUS!! NO 72 year old woman is QUITE like Dolly Parton…. she’s still making new music… she wrote new stuff for a movie dropping on Netflix tomorrow called Dumplin’. And of course, that brings the need for the live shows, so she was on Jimmy Fallon the other day and revealed that her…MORE

    clark griswold

    Replicating Christmas Vacation Got The Cops Called

    Christmas Vacation is arguably one of the best Christmas movies of all time (@ me). I’ve watched it every year since LONG before it was appropriate for me to watch the movie. It was given to this world 29 years ago, and still has some of the best quotes… One house in Austin decided it…MORE

    first look prank

    Wedding “First Look” Prank

    People are opting to break the wedding tradition of not seeing the bride or groom before the wedding, now, with “first look “photos… But one groom turned around to something he absolutely did not expect. Expecting to see his wife-to-be in her wedding dress, he saw his best man… in a wedding dress. The prank…MORE

    Equality video

    This Video About Equality is Fire!

    Some may deny it, but there IS still a wage gap between men and women, and it happens in ALL professions, including the acting world. You hear story after story coming out of women realizing their male counterparts make WAY MORE what they’re making, despite both having leading roles, despite level of acting experience, despite…MORE