Tailgate N Tallboys July 19 & 20 Is All Ready ON The Riverfront!


Parking on the Riverfront can be difficult at best. There are only a handful of spots, and they go immediately. So make plans to park elsewhere. Fortunately, Inked Entertainment has set up multiple Park-and-Ride spots.

The shuttles will start 2 hours before Gate Time and run continuously throughout the day until all riders have left the Riverfront after the festival!

You can park and ride from the following places:

The East Peoria City Lot in front of Logan’s Steak House

Spindler Campground

East Port Marina

Crusens Farmington Road

To ride, you MUST have a wristband which you can purchase now!

July Weekend (Single and Multi Day) Passes: http://ow.ly/ZecV30nFdnM

September Single Day Passes: http://ow.ly/t31n30nFdo9

If you purchase a wristband, you’ll be able to pick them up at Crusens on Farmington after 11am on the first day of the purchased weekend, which is extra awesome because Crusens has a FREE lunch buffet for all festival ticket holders. Get your wristband and chow on some free food!


Want to see the Tailgate N Tallboys Lineup, have a festival map, and see your food and drink options all at your fingertips? There’s an app for that! The OFFICIAL Tailgate N Tallboys 2019 App has been launched and it is going to be a MUST when it comes to navigating the festival! You can create a custom schedule so you don’t miss your favorite acts, if you’re from out of town, you can find great places to visit while you’re here, check out artist Bios, find the answer to questions you have in the FAQ section, share photos with special festival filters through the app, and make sure you enable the push notifications, because that’s how you’ll be instantly notified about any schedule changes, weather alerts, special deals, and more!

If you’re an iPhone person, click here to find it.

If you live the Android Lifestyle, click here to download!


When the show is done on the riverfront for the day, that doesn’t mean we’re done partying! Buck up, get yourself a Redbull (and Vodka) and RALLY! Crusens on Farmington Road is going to have a lot of your favorite artists in a great space to party! DJ Gibbs, Carter Winter, Sweet Tea Trio, Casper McWade, Chris Stewart, and MORE! Plus insane drink specials!




The Ty Bentli Show