Tyler Rich this Saturday at Crusens on Farmington Road

Tyler Rich is coming to Crusens on Farmington Road – March 9! get tickets here!  And listen to win on 973 Nash FM!

Tyler Rich is coming to Crusens on Farmington Road – March 9! Sometimes you hear a song and you just know it’s special, it resonates with you and you can’t get that song out of your head. For up and coming country star Tyler Rich that song is “The Difference.”A prolific songwriter who estimates he’s written a hundred songs in the last year,Tyler explains it was love at first listen when he heard the Rhett Atkins-penned “The Difference” during a pitch meeting.“We’ll do these five-hour pitch meetings where a publisher will walk in and everybody gets 30 minutes. They’ll play ten songs they think are the best for you. That one was hour three and a half, the little guitar riff started and just immediately the kind of swag and the delivery of the melody and the vocal, I was instantly hooked,” he recalls. “For an outside song,I have to hear it and immediately be like, ‘Oh yeah, this sounds like I wrote it, this feels like me.’It was pretty cool to find out a legend like Rhett wrote this one with Ben Burgess and some Northern California boys like me –Devin Dawson and Jacob Durrett.” Tyler is still kicking himself for not writing the lyrically profound and musically infectious tune about appreciating and showing the one you love how much they mean to you. “My fiancée and I live in a texting relationship cause we’re long distance. If I’m like, ‘I’m gonna call you in two hours, love you,’she goes, ‘Love you? You mean I love you? There’s a difference between I love you and love you,’” he says smiling. “She’ll always say that to me so then when I heard‘The Difference,’it’s like, ‘Why didn’t I come up with this idea?’It’s perfect;I’m pumped it’s the first single.”His immediate belief in the song has been rewarded with just a surgent praise. Already lauded as a coveted Sirius XM Highway Find, “The Difference” is an anchor that also landed Tyler as a CMT Listen Up artist for 2018.For the Yuba City (small farming community near Sacramento)native who splits his time between Nashville and Los Angeles, where his fiancée lives, “The Difference” is his long-awaited introduction to Country radio–a moment he’s been working towards since first playing various genres with his band in high school. While grinding on the road in the early days, Tyler also kept a steady gig at Red Robin where he rose up the corporate food chain. Becoming some of his first fans, Red Robin gave Tyler and his band members all-you-can-eat gift cards so they wouldn’t starve while struggling to make it big. Read more about Tyler…