Google Made an Ad About What Happens When Kevin McCallister Grew Up and it’s Lit.

Google just put out an AWESOME ad that gives you all the nostalgia and a snicker or two with Kevin McCallister from Home Alone… all grown up. Macaulay Caulkin, who played Kevin was 10 when Home Alone was filmed (although Kevin is 8), revives his role in this ad for the Google Home… and shows just how much easier his life would have been against the burgers had he just had this smart-speaker assistant! This one-minute ad flashes through all the important scenes, from realizing he’s alone in the house, to the aftershave scene, jumping on the bed, and even ordering pizza using an old movie. Check it out and get your Christmas cheer on….

… also, I think I’ll be heading home and watching Home Alone tonight…



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