Over-Engineered Glitter Bomb Makes Porch Pirates Regret Their Life Choices

I’ve had a package stolen from my front door before… and perhaps what is more annoying than a package that says it was delivered but isn’t there, is the fact that now Amazon won’t leave anything there anymore, they take it to my apartment office, which closes before I get home, so I have to pick it up the next day. So much for having my items in two days!

Porch Pirates are on the rise, honestly, because online shopping is on the rise. One guy who fell victim to a porch pirate also happens to be a former Nasa Engineer…. like he helped design one of the probes that is currently running all over MARS! This guy really knows how to get things done. So he decided to get a little payback. These evil humans need to be taught a lesson… and a lot of super fine glitter should do the trick. Oh, but wait, there’s more. What fun is the glitter bomb if you don’t get to see their reaction? So he engineers something that spins the super-fine glitter ALL OVER, sprays a fart spray 5 times every thirty seconds, AND records all of it on video. AND THERE’S STILL MORE! It tracks the package via GPS, so when they inevitably get rid of the package, he can pick it up and download all the footage from his 360 cameras (using four phones) and YouTube them for our enjoyment. AND a failsafe, if the phones get destroyed, all the footage uploads immediately to a cloud, so you can STILL get their reactions!

Genius. I mean, NASA doesn’t just hire anyone…. so it’s to be expected. But this video has gone pretty viral for good reason! Seriously check out this video, you won’t be sorry… it’s hilarious…

The Ty Bentli Show